The Top 6 Reasons Why Construction Firms Rely on ActiveCo as a Construction-Specific Managed Service Provider


Construction firms have specific IT requirements. Now more than ever companies are transitioning to a construction-specific MSP due to their extensive industry knowledge and ability to align technology with operational and strategic goals.


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The Top 6 Reasons Why Construction Firms Rely on ActiveCo as a Construction-Specific Managed Service Provider


As a result, an MSP of this caliber has a significant impact on performance and ROI. ActiveCo excels and takes the lead in this area. For the past 20 years, ActiveCo has been the preferred MSP for many construction companies in Vancouver, BC, with a proven track record of success. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning and Business Consulting 

Our vCIOs have the knowledge and experience to analyze your company's workflows and develop IT strategies to streamline and enhance. You'll walk away with an IT roadmap that aligns business goals with technology, including budgeting and resource allocation analysis.

Remote Access 2

Remote Access and Mobility Solutions

We understand your team is always on the go and needs dependable remote connectivity. We provide you with secure cloud services, allowing for 24/7 data access and instant data sync with your systems  - anywhere, any device.

CyberSecurity 2

Cybersecurity Solutions

You need to be protected no matter where your job site is. We provide industry IT best practices to ensure your company and client data is protected. Through data controls, active monitoring, and conducting regular risk assessments, your environment will be secure and monitored 24/7/365.

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Business Continuity Planning

IT preparedness is what we specialize in. We will ensure your infrastructure is developed to support all situations. Local and offsite data backup centers, disaster planning and recovery strategy, network monitoring, and full on-site evaluation will limit downtime and loss.

Quick response 2

Quick Response Time

We provide you with highly-responsive, comprehensive IT support and management that is backed by a team of technical engineers who are certified and specialized in the construction industry. Get visibility into your network, applications, and infrastructure performance 24/7/365 .


IT Compliance Implementation 

We ensure your organization is PIPEDA compliant by implementing a workflow that measures and maintains the quality of your services/products, captures and audits data, modifies processes to meet the latest regulations, and ensures employee training.

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Roger — Construction Design Engineering

"Having a proactive solution instead a reactive one has helped us strategize our business process with a partner who came to the table with an understanding of not only our industry but our company's specific niche in the marketplace."





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Rob — Construction Industry

"As a national company our offices are spread from coast to coast and staying connected is critical to our success. Unplanned downtime was a frustration for us and our customers. Thanks to ActiveCo's proactive maintenance approach and dedicated team, our uptime across the country is consistent and our remote office have never run smoother. A big thanks to everyone at ActiveCo for keeping us connected around the clock."



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Industry — Property Restoration Services

"I want to tell you that we are absolutely blown away by the level of service we recieve from you guys—it really is appreciated when you and the team care so much about each ticket and follow up with us."


Frequently Asked Questions


How will construction specific MSPs benefit your construction company?

Assist you in automating construction workflows
It is not always simple to determine where automation and workflows should be used to boost productivity. Based on our extensive experience in the construction industry, our experts can assist you in determining which processes can be automated to streamline business operations.

Choose the best technologies for your company
The demand for cloud integration services in the construction industry is growing as more architects and engineers collaborate using construction-specific technologies, which necessitate data migration and integration between different data sources. ActiveCo has extensive experience in construction industry applications and mobile technology that will assist you in connecting and collaborating more effectively by integrating disparate data sources.

Maintain Workplace Safety
Because 30% of construction workers do not secure their smartphones, your company is vulnerable to cyber-attacks that could damage your reputation. Furthermore, if your company's Bring Your Own Device policies are not strictly enforced, serious consequences may result.  ActiveCo will provide tailored solutions to reduce potential risks and unforeseen events.


How will construction specific MSPs benefit your construction company?

Some small construction firms cannot afford to employ an in-house IT specialist or broaden its IT department, as it must pay wages and benefits to in-house IT professionals. Those challenges would be alleviated if you contracted an MSP to provide IT support services. An MSP is more likely to be up to date on the current cyber threats and other factors that can affect your systems than an in-house team. If your systems are compromised or hacked, the IT support provider is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means less downtime if a problem occurs.

If you have an in-house IT department, an MSP will augment their work, freeing your IT staff to focus on the needs of construction projects.


What role will an MSP play if my construction company wants to expand?

Managed IT makes it easier for  your company to grow. With a well-thought-out cloud strategy, the company will avoid many of the challenges that you may face when expanding by relying on your own technology. You no longer have to worry about primary office access and efficiency loss due to a local power outage.